Welcome to BuildDesk

At BuildDesk we believe that everyone should be able to live and work in comfortable buildings that use minimal energy. We help our clients to make this a reality through a range of software products, advice and services.


BuildDesk produces a suite of software that allows users to make calculations to meet the energy efficiency needs of building regulations. Our software allows you to speed up the process of completing your calculations and provides you with flexibility to test different scenarios. Read more


There are a wide variety of issues to address to improve efficiency or sustainability. BuildDesk can help you understand the concepts that are critical for the built environment. We can also offer specialist training to provide people with the skills they need to calculate the energy efficiency of buildings. Read more


BuildDesk offers consultancy on a range of issues relating to the use of energy and sustainability in the built environment. We help clients formulate strategy, determine their policies and implement changes that have real benefits. Read more 


BuildDesk provides a Building Performance Assessment (BPA) service for existing commercial buildings. The BPA helps clients save money by using building modelling techniques to reduce the energy consumption of their buildings without compromising the indoor environment. Read more