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Paddy Leighton, GreenTherm Solutions Ltd

As a relatively experienced user of BuildDesk U I found the training very useful. I have been using the software for about two years and felt that I wasn’t using it to its fullest potential. I was right, after being on the course I can safely say that I gained a better understanding of the software and the conventions on which it’s based.  

The BuildDesk team are extremely knowledgeable, not only do they know the software inside out, they also have a vast knowledge of building science and Codes of Practice. They are the perfect people to train users on BuildDesk U.

I would definitely recommend this product because it is so easy to use and understand.

It is difficult to choose one element of the software as a specific favourite, the whole package for me is what I like. Being a visual person, from the input of data to the presentation of the reports the whole package is both easy to use and easy to understand. The big “tick” or “cross” when producing condensation risk reports is easy to see and understand, even for the lay man who perhaps doesn’t really understand all the figures.  


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Caroline Rye,  Archimetrics

We are a building performance research company that provides monitoring and other research services to the construction industry. We specialise in the measurement of U-values in situ, however, this work is often accompanied by a ‘standard’ comparative U-value calculated following BR 443.

For this we use BuildDesk U software as we regard this as the best U-value calculating software on the market with a clear and easy to use interface.

The software also has the advantage of providing additional moisture risk assessment tools if required. BuildDesk provided us with excellent training and continues to support and take an interest in work.