Consultancy services

We believe that the efficient use of energy and materials is good for business. Wherever possible, we aim to help our customers get the best outcome they can whilst using the least energy and materials. We believe this helps our business clients maximise profit and our government clients to get the most value for the taxpayer.

There are many benefits to improved energy efficiency and sustainability. In business, there are the obvious benefits of lower running costs and more predictability. There are usually also less tangible but highly important benefits arising from improved staff morale and better health. As for in our homes, who wants to live in a cold or overheated house that costs a lot to run?

In all of our consultancy work, we help to ensure that our clients recognise and reap the benefits from improvements in energy efficiency and sustainability. A combination of excellent project managment and technical knowledge means that we can help our clients to get the outcomes they need.

Policy and Climate

We can help organisations to set realistic policies that will help them achieve their objectives. To do this, we bring our experience from across Europe to help ensure that our clients get benefit from successful practices.

We provide advice across a range of energy and sustainability issues but have particular knowledge of issues relating to climate change and the built environment.

Area development

When an area is going to be developed, have expertise that can help both the organisations involved in the development and the authorities overseeing them. We believe that it is the long-term interests of all parties to have the most sustainable developments possible within the economic and geographic constraints of an area.


With the right combination of structure, services and location, it is possible to have comfortable buildings that are cheap to run. Our team has a range of expertise that can help to deliver buildings that meet people’s needs and conform to regulations and standards.