Carbon Checker 1.7.3 released

A new release of Carbon Checker is available.

This version incorporates version 4.1e of SBEM (released January 2013)

The main changes in this version of SBEM are

  • changes to the definition of the notional building which should make it easier for some industrial buildings to comply with Building Regulations:
  • Scottish EPCs now supported


The changes in more detail:

  • Applying  modified specifications to metal-clad constructions as specified in the updated 2010 NCM Modelling Guide (PDF).
  • Implementing the Northern Ireland 2012 Building Regulations compliance calculation.
  • Implementing the generation of XML files  EPCs in Scotland, along with adding new related input parameters.
  • Implementing the calculation of the primary energy, for the purposes of both the XML file for EPC Scotland and the EPBD Recast reporting.
  • Implementing the requirements of the EPBD Recast regarding consideration of alternative energy systems in the design of new projects.
  • Modifying the reporting of results in the BRUKL output report with regards to U-values compliance for modular and portable buildings constructed from older modules on which the back-stops for U-values in the 2010 building regulations do not apply.
  • Modifying the reporting in SBEM so that the heating demand for unconditioned zones is displayed in the BRUKL output report (similar to the cooling demand).
  • Rectifying a problem that caused the bivalent calculation in SBEM to crash if it were run on certain platforms/operating systems.
  • Rectifying a problem that caused the calculation in SBEM to crash if there were no heat loss envelopes in the building.


Existing users: please download this latest version.

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