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Christmas Holiday office shutdown

The office will be closed from lunchtime on Friday 22nd December and we will re-open on Tuesday 2nd January.

To all our customers, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom in 2017 and wish you a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Carbon Checker released

New version of Carbon Checker released

The new version is It incorporates SBEM 5.2d, so it now supports calculations in Wales. The other main change in this version is that glazing and window settings can be changed globally within a project.

Read more about Carbon Checker

Download the latest version of Carbon Checker (

View the release notes for this version of Carbon Checker (pdf)

View the DCLG approval letter for this version of Carbon Checker (pdf)

View the Welsh government approval letter for this version of Carbon Checker (pdf)

View the manual for this version of Carbon Checker (pdf)

Changes to Carbon Checker following release of SBEM 5.2d

Approval of revised Carbon Checker following release of SBEM 5.2d (updated)

A new version of Carbon Checker ( has been released to support SBEM 5.2d patch 1.

The change from SBEM 5.2b to 5.2d only added features that support calculations in Wales; calculation results in England are unaffected by this version change.

We have had approval for our 5.2d-compliant version of Carbon Checker for use in England and Wales.  

The situation is potentially confusing, so it is summarised below:


SBEMApplicabilityAssociated Carbon Checker versionStatus
5.2dCurrent1.8.1.004Approved by DCLG



SBEMApplicabilityAssociated Carbon Checker versionStatus
4.1eNew-build Building Regs. and EPCs: Until 31st July 2014 if work starts on site before 31st July 2015.

Existing building EPCs: Until 31st July 2014, but period of grace until 30th September 2014.
1.7Approved by DCLG
5.2dFrom 1st August 2014 (and see above) by Welsh government

As well as implementing the change to support SBEM 5.2d, the new version of Carbon Checker lets users globally edit glazing and window settings for a project rather than having to change them individually. 


New Version of BuildDesk Carbon Checker Now Available

BuildDesk Carbon Checker 1.8.0 release 007 now available

This new version of Carbon Checker includes the patch released by the BRE which makes changes to the core SBEM calculation engine.

For a summary of the changes made to SBEM you can see the release notes on the NCM website here.

Click here to download the new version.

This version incorporates SBEM 5.2.b

Carbon Checker 1.8.0 released

A new version of Carbon Checker is now available.

This version incorporates version 5.2b of SBEM (released April 2014).

Version 5.2b of SBEM is for use in England and Jersey only, users can carry out Part L 2013 Building Regulations Compliance checks, and EPC Assessments. This version of SBEM should also be used for assessments done for the purposes of the Jersey Building Bye-laws Part 11. For all other assessments (Including all assessments to be carried under Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland regulations) users should continue to use version 1.7.3 of Carbon Checker which incorporates v4.1e of SBEM.

(Users in England will continue to be able to lodge using 1.7.3 of Carbon Checker until midnight on the 5th of June 2014. After this time, all lodgements carried out in England must be made using the new version 1.8.0 of Carbon Checker.)

Existing users: please download this latest version.

For a summary of all the changes in the latest version of Carbon Checker, click here (link opens a pdf in a new window).

New to to Carbon Checker? Find out more here.

Carbon Checker 1.8.0 and SBEM 5.2b

Due to delays in the approval process for new software tools using the SBEM version 5.2b engine, DCLG have extended the period where they will be accepting lodgements carried out using the 4.1e SBEM engine. The new cut off date for lodgements under the old version will be midnight on 5th June 2014.

For our users this means that will be able to continue to use Carbon Checker 1.7.3 until this date.

We have completed work on the new version of Carbon Checker (version 1.8.0), which incorporates the new version of SBEM and will be making it available to download for our users next week.

SBEM 5.2 Release

On the 06th of April version 5.2a of SBEM will be released. 

Projects will continue to be able to be lodged using version 4.1e of SBEM until 06th May.

We are currently working on releasing a new version of Carbon Checker which will incorporate the new SBEM engine along with some usability improvements. The release date is not yet confirmed but it will be available before the 06th of May.