New version of BuildDesk U available now

BuildDesk U 3.4.6 release 505 now available -14th March 2022

Versions prior to U 3.4.6 release 505 will expire on 18th March or 19th March 2022. To ensure that you have continuity of access to the BuildDesk U software you will need to update to the latest version. Do not de-install your existing version. If you have Adminstration rights, just download and run the new setup file and it will then update your existing software. The new update will also automatically default to the 18th or 19th March expiry date.

You will then need to request your new licence code and you will then receive a new licence code, set to your correct expiry date, by Email. If you have already received your licence code for BDU 3.4.6 just input the new licence code.

Click here to download the update.

This latest release includes several improvements when setting the Environmental conditions for Condensation risk calculations and added U-value calculations for Inverted roofs. Several catalogues such as Celotex, Rockwool, Siniat, DuPont/Tyvek and Visqueen have been updated and a further update is scheduled for release in May. We hope you like the improvements. Keep feeding back any suggestions you have and we will do our best to incorporate as many as we can in future releases.