Condensation Risk Analysis Tool

Why Worry about Condensation Risk?
With increasing levels of insulation, the use of impermeable cladding materials and new methods of construction, can often come increased risk of condensation in buildings. Condensation can give rise to a range of problems from surface staining of internal finishes to long term degradation of the structure. Recent health scares from ‘toxic mould’ growth in buildings have also highlighted the dangers that may be caused if condensation persists.

An Integrated Part of BuildDesk U
The BuildDesk U software performs Condensation Risk Analysis according to the BS5250 and BS EN ISO 13788 standards and assesses the risk of both surface and interstitial condensation occurring for different constructions. Use the software to simply check your U-value calculations for condensation risk. If a potential risk is indicated the design can be reconsidered and if necessary modified to minimise the risk. Changes to the design in the U-value calculation automatically update the condensation risk analysis so that the effect of any modifications can be seen immediately

Exterior Climate Data Certified by the Met Office

The BuildDesk climate database contains exterior climate data, certified by the Met Office, from more than 60 locations across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. All you need to do is click on the location nearest to your project.

You also can also input your own climate data for any other location.

BuildDesk U - Climate Data

Interior Climate Data

The interior climate is defined by choosing any one of five predefined humidity classes, which describe the building’s normal use:

  • Storage areas
  • Offices, shops
  • Dwellings with low occupancy
  • Dwellings with high occupancy
  • Special buildings

BuildDesk U - Occupancy

Calculation Results Displayed Monthly

BuildDesk U performs monthly calculations of the moisture build-up or evaporation within constructions, with results being displayed in a user-friendly manner.

BuildDesk U - Monthly Results

Printouts with Diagrams and Graphical Illustrations

Results of the condensation risk analysis are available as summary or in more detailed form. The summary shows you all the main results and displays the assessment using guidance text from BS EN 13788. A green tick and text indicates a passed assessment whilst a red exclamation mark and text indicates that a potential problem may occur. A simple summary shows the likely position of any condensation in a simple section through the structure. More detailed printouts illustrate the vapour distribution through the construction, by month, during the year.

BuildDesk U - Diagrams

Condensation Risk Analysis

BuildDesk U includes a comprehensive condensation risk analysis tool for the assessment of both interstitial and surface condensation risk. Test your designs under differing environmental conditions to identify potential problems.

BuildDesk U - Condensation Risk