2D cross-sections and 3D illustrations

BuildDesk U helps you visualise the constructions by using clear 3D colour graphics and 2D sections. The sections are particularly useful when working with framed constructions.

BuildDesk U - 2D 3D


Clear printouts

BuildDesk U provides clear printouts that show the 3D colour illustration of the construction with the calculation results. You can choose to print the Condensation Risk Analysis results in summary or more detailed form. Results can also be saved and forwarded as PDF files.

BuildDesk U - report

Comprehensive materials database

BuildDesk U comes complete with an electronic library of information from leading building material manufacturers, Building Regulations and Standards.


BuildDesk U - materials


Customise your BuildDesk U

BuildDesk U can be customised by adding your own favourite materials and constructions which can be saved in your own user catalogue.


BuildDesk U - Customise


Extensive help functions and quick info buttons

BuildDesk U provides an extensive range of help functions and quick info buttons so that you can keep working without leaving your desk to look for information.


BuildDesk U - Help


Over 500 pre-loaded constructions

BuildDesk U makes you productive fast by including more than 500 pre-calculated commonly used constructions which are quick to adapt to your needs. You can use the special optimise U-value function to automatically change any layer thickness to provide the desired overall U-value.

 BuildDesk U - Pre-loaded

Speedy search and filter functions

BuildDesk U speeds up the selection of appropriate materials by providing simple search and filter functions. Use free text to search or use material type or application. You can even sort your available choices by performance e.g. by thermal conductivity. This helps you quickly compare products.

BuildDesk U - Search


Masonry and mortar

BuildDesk U includes a new function to speed up the calculation of the effect of mortar joints in masonry construction in accordance with BRE BR 443:2002. Simply select the brick or block you wish to use and the software will automatically calculate the mortar fraction for you. Additional features also allow you to rotate the block or free input your own block dimensions.

BuildDesk U - Masonry